Volunteer Sign-Up

If you would like to volunteer, please use the online form below or call (504) 486-6668. If you’d like to print and mail in an application, it can be downloaded here. No community restitution or court ordered volunteers can be accepted.

Please let us know whether you are an individual interested in volunteering or whether your organization would like to participate in our dinner or housekeeping programs, or if you are a student seeking service hours. Please feel free to call us at (504) 486-6668 if you have any questions. Thank you!


Ronald McDonald House Volunteers

We have a small, but dedicated group of volunteers that come to the House to help with everything from light clerical work to straightening up the toy room and kitchen. We welcome volunteers on a weekly, monthly or one-time basis and will work with your schedule as best we can. We also welcome students in need of service hours.

Group Volunteering

We have different opportunities that work well for groups up to 10 people:


Note: please check our dinner calendar for available dates before dates when planning for your group to come to the house to prepare dinner. Then call Corey at (504) 486-6668 to arrange your visit. Thank you!

Imagine if you spent all day at the hospital with your child only to then have to wonder what you are going to do for dinner. How wonderful it would be to come home to a hot meal. Our family dinner program provides this service for our families. This is a great hands-on program for offices, families, schools, or a group of friends and our families truly appreciate it.

We use the food program to allow yet another way for our families to remain close together as much as possible.  Without the burden of grocery shopping and cooking, families have more time to focus on the treatment and care of their child, not to mention that the meals give added nourishment in a time when their focus is not usually on taking care of themselves.

As of August 2012, new guidelines for the food program were established to ensure the health and safety of the families who take advantage of the food the House provides.  Our House can no longer accept any donations of food prepared by volunteer cooks in private houses.  Only food prepared at a licensed retail food establishment can be accepted for donation if delivered directly and within a short period of time and only packaged foods purchased from retail grocery stores in unopened containers or whole fruits or vegetables can be accepted for donation.  In addition to these rules, any food item past its expiration date may not be used.  The health, safety and well-being of families who stay at our House is our greatest priority when planning our meal program.

Our Housekeeping Program

Many groups enjoy our Housekeeping Program. This is a good way to get a hands-on experience at the House. Don’t worry; it’s nothing too demanding! We can always use help with things like sweeping up outside and gardening, straightening our toy room and organizing our pantry. We can provide most cleaning supplies, but it is a huge help to us if the group can bring the items you plan on using.

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