RMH Comfort Cart Making Its Rounds at Ochsner!

RMHC-NOLA is reaching out to provide comfort, care, and support to families outside of our House on Canal Street. The Ronald McDonald House Comfort Cart brings a touch of home to parents and siblings who are at the bedside of the pediatric patients at Ochsner Medical Center.

Our volunteers make their rounds through Ochsner’s pediatric floor each Tuesday morning with free coffee, soft drinks, bottled water, snacks, toiletries, and gifts for the families and patients. While parents and children alike appreciate having drinks and snacks without having to make a trip to a vending machine or to the coffee shop, “the little ones love the toys and stuffed animals, and the teens really appreciate the iTunes gift cards!” says volunteer Judi Russell. Judi and her husband, Mike, have been delivering these small, but very welcome, comforts on a weekly basis since the program began in November.

Volunteers Judi and Mike Russell make their rounds with the RMH Comfort Cart at Ochsner Medical Center each Tuesday morning.

Volunteers Judi and Mike Russell making the rounds with the RMH Comfort Cart at Ochsner Medical Center.

Our volunteers begin their rounds with the Ronald McDonald House Comfort Cart at 10:00 a.m. each Tuesday on the pediatric floors at Ochsner Medical Center on Jefferson Highway. Please call Corey at (504) 486-6668 for more information on how you can help. Donations of snack food items, coffee, toiletries, gift cards, and toys to the Ronald McDonald House will help us serve more families.

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